Options for Twenty Twenty-One Premium Upgrade


Upgrade the “Options for Twenty Twenty-One” plugin and get access to loads of additional options!

This payment is a one-off purchase per website. If you are working on a development server, let us know when you go live and we will switch your purchase over to your live website.

Download and install the premium / trial plugin to use premium features:

(File size: 25Kb / Tested up to: 5.7.2)

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A few reviews from wordpress.org ...


marci 13th May 2021
As a newbie to all things WordPress, I was quite unimpressed with the default theme that the install came with, due to the lack of certain options that other sites seemed to have, but most other themes seemed to have one annoyance or another for me. Then I found this plugin, and my whole outlook and experience changed. The free version is good, and the premium upgrade is worth every penny. I can't comment on the support from the author (and hopefully never need to) because it just works out of the box, so to speak, and makes what is a fairly bland and lacklustre theme, into something truly great. Instead of being something to replace and uninstall, 'Twenty Twenty-One' becomes a theme that rocks. Many thanks for this fine work.

Very useful tool, great and prompt support

5th May 2021
Fixed a local dev issue for me in double-quick time. Great support, indispensable tool.

All you need is…

hfrank 5th May 2021
Options! Extraodinary value for money! Instead of using (investing in) custom templates, I now use 2021 and this. Light, responsive (as is the support), flexible. So glad I found it!

Feature Comparison

Hide / Show ...
- Content behind site header
- Post / page header
- Title
- Featured Image
- Sidebar
Global optionsIndividual post and page control
Site background imageGlobal imageUse featured images
Header background imageGlobal imageUse featured images
Header gradient overlay-Yes
Header widget area-Yes
Inline site logo-Yes
Fixed or sticky header or nav-Separate mobile and desktop options
Sticky header drop shadow-Yes
Sticky header animation-Yes
Header text drop shadow-Yes
SidebarYesStyle sidebar width and alignment
Row template-Choose for archive, blog, tag, category or custom taxonomy pages
Column template-Choose for archive, blog, tag, category or custom taxonomy pages
Mobile menu on desktopYesChoose mobile menu breakpoint
Primary menu styling on larger screens- Font size
- Horizontal padding
- Border width
- Border color
- Border style
- Border radius
- Background colour
- Margin
Hide sub-menu toggles-Yes
Second-level sub-menus-- Fly-out menus on larger screens
- Choose background colour
Mobile sub-menus-"Mega menu" style sub-menus on smaller screens
Nav search-Inject search feature into primary navigation
Remove archive title prefix-Remove "Tag: " and "Category: " prefix
Archive featured images-Add featured image functionality to tag, category and custom post type taxonomy archive pages
Grid templateYes- Choose aspect ratio
- Choose columns for large screens
- Choose columns for medium screens
- Choose columns for small screens
- Change border width, colour and style
- Change title font size and font case
- Change title drop shadow colour and width
- Animated hover effect
- Show published on date
"Published" and "Published in" text-Remove before the date on posts and attachment pages
Social iconsChoose colour- Increase size on larger screens
- Align on larger screens
- Linkedin, Telegram, WhatsApp and Xing icons
- Match social icon colour to relevant corporate colours
Remove "Proudly powered by WordPress"YesChoose alternate text
Enable privacy policy link-Yes
Dark mode options-- Choose to turn on by default
- Choose dark mode background image

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