Options for Twenty Twenty-One Premium Upgrade


Upgrade the “Options for Twenty Twenty-One” plugin and get access to loads of additional options!

This payment is a one-off purchase per website. If you are working on a development server, let us know when you go live and we will switch your purchase over to your live website.

Download and install the premium / trial plugin to use premium features:

(File size: 28Kb / Tested up to: 5.9)

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A few reviews from wordpress.org ...

Really great plugin – saved so much time

andyraydevelopments 22nd January 2022
In the past, I have customised themes myself. Using this really great plugin saved so much time. If you are wavering, my recommendation is buy it.

Great theme and support!

berlahme 23rd December 2021
I am an unexperienced user of WordPress and benefit a lot from the great support for this theme!

Brilliant plugin – Saved me two dozen hours

jasonmbarnard 20th December 2021
I tried to customise TwentyTwenty myself. Then found this plugin and realised I'd wasted a lot of time trying to do things this plugin does at the click of a button. I estimate it subsequently saved me 12 hours of work on one site... I got so excited that I installed it on another site, and it saved me at least as much time again. Settings are easy to figure out. Works a dream. And took me WAY further than I would have gone myself. The grid layout for the category listings especially... I never could have done that myself.

Feature Comparison

Hide / Show ...
- Content behind site header
- Post / page header
- Title
- Featured Image
- Sidebar
Global optionsIndividual post and page control
Site background imageGlobal imageUse featured images
Header background imageGlobal imageUse featured images
Header gradient overlay-Yes
Header widget area-Yes
Inline site logo-Yes
Fixed or sticky header or nav-Separate mobile and desktop options
Sticky header drop shadow-Yes
Sticky header animation-Yes
Header text drop shadow-Yes
SidebarYesStyle sidebar width and alignment
Row template-Choose for archive, blog, tag, category or custom taxonomy pages
Column template-Choose for archive, blog, tag, category or custom taxonomy pages
Mobile menu on desktopYesChoose mobile menu breakpoint
Desktop menu on mobile-Yes
Hamburger Desktop Flyout Menu-- Hamburger flyout menu available for larger screens
Primary menu styling on larger screens- Menu border width
- Menu border colour
- Menu border style
- Font size
- Horizontal padding
- Menu item border width
- Menu item border colour
- Menu item border style
- Menu item border radius
- Background colour
- Margin
Hide sub-menu toggles-Yes
Second-level sub-menus-- Flyout menus on larger screens
- Choose background colour
Mobile sub-menus-"Mega menu" style sub-menus on smaller screens
Nav search-Inject search feature into primary navigation
Content Background Colour-Yes
Remove archive title prefix-Remove "Tag: " and "Category: " prefix
Parallax cover block-Yes
Archive featured images-Add featured image functionality to tag, category and custom post type taxonomy archive pages
Grid templateYes- Choose aspect ratio
- Choose columns for large screens
- Choose columns for medium screens
- Choose columns for small screens
- Change border width, colour and style
- Change title font size and font case
- Change title drop shadow colour and width
- Animated hover effect
- Show published on date
Row template
Card template
Column template-- Choose columns for large screens
- Choose columns for medium screens
- Choose columns for small screens
- Show published on date
"Published" and "Published in" text-Remove before the date on posts and attachment pages
Hide Widget Area-Individual post and page control
Widget area background colourExtend footer background colourChoose a separate background colour
Social iconsChoose colour- Increase size on larger screens
- Align on smaller and / or larger screens
- Linkedin, Telegram, TikTok, WhatsApp and Xing icons
- Match social icon colour to relevant corporate colours
Hide Footer-Individual post and page control
Hide site title / logo in footerYesChoose alternate text / HTML
Remove "Proudly powered by WordPress"YesChoose alternate text / HTML
Dark mode options-- Choose to turn on by default
- Choose an alternative dark mode background image
- Choose an alternative dark mode logo

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