Options for Twenty Seventeen Premium Upgrade


Upgrade the “Options for Twenty Seventeen” plugin and get access to loads of additional options!

This payment is a one-off purchase per website.

If you are working on a development server or want to be able to migrate your license to a different hostname or domain in the future, you’ll need to purchase a “Transferable” or “Unlimited Subdomains” license and let us know when you go live so we can switch your purchase over to your new hostname.

After your purchase, you’ll be sent a promo code for 25% off additional websites (domains / hostnames).

Download and install the premium / trial plugin to use premium features:

(File size: 27Kb / Tested up to: 6.6)

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A few reviews from wordpress.org ...

Options for twenty seventeen

sparkyjohnmarky 11th July 2024
I wrote a very negative review of this plugin. I have now changed this review due to the excellent service I received from the author. Since using the original Twentyseventeen theme I have experienced a weird bounce on the home page when the parallax scrolling is used as the page transitions to the content. This bounce is unique to the iPad, however this has not been tested on any newer iPads from 2021-2024 also there is no issue with any other Apple product. After a conversation with the author it really does appear to be an iPad issue. The iPad is enlarging the header background way beyond its design restrictions. I have now had an opportunity to review the other features which work extremely well and was somewhat hasty in my original review. the author did offer to look into the issue an try and create a fix but I will just live with the bounce as it is only evident on an iPad and the target audience of my blog are located in the U.K. where iPads are less common.

an excellent service for a bloody user

Heiko 16th May 2024
My website works perfectly with the 2017 theme and the Options for 2017 plugin. I don’t have any programming knowledge, and I was helped promptly and with great expertise when I had questions. The developers’ help is worth every penny!www.sbk-produkte.de

Great plugin and excellent support

anemik2024 26th February 2024
This plugin was indispensable for creating my website. It works very well. Every time I find something is wrong and I seek support, very quickly I get a response and resolution of my issue. In most cases the source of the problem is NOT this plugin but something else (usually some other plugin).

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