Options for Twenty Seventeen Premium Upgrade


Upgrade the “Options for Twenty Seventeen” plugin and get access to loads of additional options!

This payment is a one-off purchase per website. If you are working on a development server, let us know when you go live and we will switch your purchase over to your live website.

Download and install the premium / trial plugin to use premium features:

options-for-twenty-seventeen-premium.1.2.2.zip (26Kb)

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A few reviews from wordpress.org ...

Turns 2017 into a fully configurable theme; Developer is fast and kind!

jmarkweaver 11th December 2020
I liked the simplicity of the twenty-seventeen theme but wanted to easily adjust key styles. For a very nominal fee you get the Options for Twenty-Seventeen Premium version you get all of that. So far no bugs found. The developer was very quick to help responding to my user errors and even go above & beyond to point me onto other solutions as needed. Thanks Oliver for a great plugin!

Very (!) quick support

hoorna 20th September 2020
After reporting a bug within a few minutes there was a new update. Great!

Yin & Yang

3fires 28th August 2020
Free plugin is nice, Premium is even better. Plugin works in harmony and completes the template in my opinion. Gives many advanced options to customize and break the chains of the standard theme. Makes building sites quicker and easier to build and that is always a good thing for making money on building sites for small businesses.

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