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This payment is a one-off purchase per website.

If you are working on a development server or want to be able to migrate your license to a different hostname or domain in the future, you’ll need to purchase a “Transferable” or “Unlimited Subdomains” license and let us know when you go live so we can switch your purchase over to your new hostname.

After your purchase, you’ll be sent a promo code for 25% off additional websites (domains / hostnames).

Download and install the plugin to use features:

(File size: 30Kb / Tested up to: 6.5.3)

Make sure you take a full filesystem and database backup of your site before you use any of these tools!

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This plugin adds the following maintenance tools …

Enable / Disable debug.log

Enable or disable the PHP errors saved into /wp-content/debug.log by automatically editing wp-config.php for you.

Delete Empty WP CRON Events

Delete scheduled events in WP CRON that have no associated actions.

Delete Inactive Widgets

Delete all widgets that do not have an associated sidebar or widget area registered with the active theme.

Legacy Widgets

Legacy widgets cause issues in the Block Widget editor due to a bug whereby the wp_footer hook is fired. This plugin will detect legacy widget use and will prompt for you to convert them to Block Widgets.

Delete Comments

Delete all pending comments, all spam comments, empty the comments bin or delete all comments.

Close Comments, Pingbacks and Trackbacks

Close comments, pingbacks and trackbacks on all posts and future posts.

Detect and Delete Un-Used Language Files

If you have changed the language of your WordPress installation or no longer use a theme or plugin, you probably have several .po, .mo and .json language files that can be deleted.

Purge Flamingo Contacts or Messages

Tools to delete all contacts or messages from Flamingo plugin.

Purge Auto Drafts

Detect and delete all auto drafts (posts with “auto-draft” set as the “post_status”).

Purge oEmbed Caches

We’ve noticed a couple of sites with crazy numbers of rows in wp_posts table with oembed_cache post type. WordPress uses oEmbed to receive embed code for supported content such as YouTube videos. This data should be stored in the wp_postmeta table but (probably since this update) WordPress can add this data into the wp_posts table. So we’ve added a check for these posts and an option to delete them.

Purge Revisions

Detect and delete all post revisions (posts with “revision” set as the “post_type”).

You can now also set a WordPress CRON job to delete revisions on a daily basis by setting how many of the latest revisions you want to retain.

Enable / Disable WP Cron

Enable or disable WP Cron by automatically editing wp-config.php for you.

Enable / Disable Theme and Plugin Editors

Enable or disable the Theme and Plugin editors by automatically editing wp-config.php for you.

Enable Core Automatic Updates

If your WordPress site has had core updates disabled through AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED being set in wp-config.php, this plugin will detect this and give you the option to enable core updates.

Recover Lost Custom CSS

If your Custom CSS in “Customizer – Additional CSS” has suddenly vanished, the plugin will detect that and give the option to recover the CSS.

Disable Link Manager

If your WordPress site has the “Links” dashboard panel and default links but you don’t want this redundant functionality, this plugin gives you the option to delete all links and disable the link manager.

Delete upload_path Option

If you have migrated your website from one web server to another and you can no longer upload anything to the website, it’s likely that the “upload_path” option is set to the location on your old server and needs to be deleted. This plugin allows you to do that easily.

Delete Orphaned Meta Data

Sometimes when posts, comments, taxonomy terms (such as tags or categories) or users are deleted in an improper way, their meta data can remain in their respective database meta tables. This plugin will detect orphaned meta data, show the relevant meta keys and offer to delete it.

Convert Tables to InnoDB

If any or all of your database tables use the MyISAM engine then you can use this plugin to convert them (if possible) to the InnoDB engine which has shown to perform better and is more reliable as it has full table-level locking which allows queries to process faster.

Enable Database Tools

This plugin, when active, enables WordPress default database repair and optimise tools for admins and provides a link to them so you can easily repair and optimise the tables in your database.

Change Admin Email

The usual option in “Dashboard – Settings – General – Administration Email Address” requires the new email address to be confirmed before the admin email is changed. This is sometimes not always possible so we have added a feature to update this setting without requiring the confirmation email.

Persistent Object Cache

Since WordPress v6.1 the Site Health check has started recommending if you should be using a “Persistent Object Cache” without actually explaining why. This plugin will tell you exactly why this is appearing.

wp_posts Table Analysis

Further to the above, if Site Health detects you have over 1,000 posts in the wp_posts table, it will show you what post types are in the table so you can see if this is expected or not.

wp_options Table Analysis

We’ve made some superb tools to allow you to detect and delete un-used options in the options table …

  • Show the top ten largest, inactive options
    Options can be deleted (single or group delete options available) or looked up on Google for further information
  • Show the top ten largest, active options
    Options can be deleted or looked up on Google for further information
  • All inactive options are shown alphabetically
    The option value is shown when you hover your mouse over and options can be deleted (single or group delete options available) or looked up on Google for further information

These tools are excellent for very quickly detecting and removing options left by plugins you no longer use or by identifying options that are taking up large amounts of data.

Memcached Persistent Object Cache

If you have installed Memcached as your persistent object cache this plugin will check hourly to see if the cache capacity has passed 90% and will flush the cache if so. It will also flush the cache after an update as not doing so can cause unexpected results. There is also cache usage information and a button to flush the cache on the dashboard.

Server Load Average

The plugin will now show information relating to your server’s CPU usage and will provide recommendations for the number of CPUs you might have required for the last fifteen minutes load on the server. This can be a useful tool to identify if you need to upgrade your server.

Cloudflare Auto-Protecct

If you use Cloudflare you can configure this plugin to auto-detect that your server is overloaded and automatically enable “Under Attack” mode in your Cloudflare zone. The plugin will check every 15 minutes to see if the high load average has subsided and will disable “Under Attack” mode when appropriate.

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