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Options for Twenty Seventeen

Posted in Web Development on 5th May 2018

We’ve created another plugin for WordPress. Many clients wanted to be able to easily modify the default Twenty Seventeen theme without having to delve in to CSS or PHP. Our new “Options for Twenty Seventeen” plugin can be downloaded here and currently allows users to …

  • Add a widget sidebar to the header area.
  • Force the cover image to retain its aspect ratio.
  • Add a Nivo Slider to replace the cover image.
  • Expand the width of the main menu to fit the width of the browser.
  • Change the colour of links in the main menu.
  • Change the colour of hovered links in the main menu.
  • Change the background colour of the main menu.
  • Expand the width of the site’s content to fit the width of the browser.
  • Remove the “Proudly powered by WordPress” text displayed in the website footer.

The plugin is in development and we welcome suggestions for additional features.

If you use it and like it, we’d be very grateful for any spare change you might have 🙂

Thank you for using “Options for Twenty Seventeen” plugin
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