Remove “Powered by WordPress”

We built a tiny plugin to remove the footer credit from WordPress default themes which you can download for free here.

If you use it and like it, we’d be very grateful for any spare change you might have 🙂

Thank you for using Remove “Powered by WordPress” plugin
Can you spare some change for a poor web developer? Anything you can give will help him survive the winter, feed his children and keep him off the streets. His eyes are dim. he cannot see. He’s just a poor old man. His legs are grey. His ears are gnarled. His eyes and legs are old and bent. His ears are grizzled …

Thanks go to the following awesome humans …

  • MyThaiTour
  • James
  • Highland
  • Greg
  • Milborne
  • Morad
  • Box
  • Murad
  • Duxe
  • FFF
  • Wander
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