Geocode Posts

Easily allow WordPress sites to add longitude and latitude meta data to posts, pages, custom post types, tags, categories and custom taxonomies!


It’s used on many town websites like Rye‘s and on smaller websites where geographical locations are displayed such as on Hofnar’s Morzine page.

Geocode Posts Options

The plugin utilises the Leaflet Map plugin to show a map when editing relevant posts or taxonomies to pinpoint the geo location and you can choose a custom Dashicon too.

Geocode Posts Metabox

Latitude and longitude coordinates are stored as meta data as per WordPress recommendations.

There are shortcodes you can use on the front end to show maps on single post or archive pages.

This plugin also adds a shortcode to easily add functionality for Leaflet.markercluster so that your maps can automatically cluster markers.

Custom map markers (such as custom pin images or SVG icons) have shadows added as per the default markers.

This plugin is not published so if you would like to use it, please contact us.