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Options for Twenty Seventeen

We’ve created another plugin for WordPress. Many clients wanted to be able to easily modify the default Twenty Seventeen theme without having to delve in to CSS or PHP. Our new “Options for Twenty Seventeen” plugin can be downloaded here and currently allows users to … Add a widget sidebar to the header area. Force ... read more

Posted in Web Development on 5th May 2018

WP Accounts

WP Accounts

We have been developing this invoicing and bookkeeping plugin for WordPress since 2012 and have decided to release it to you guys to use as well! This plugin keeps details of your clients, allows you to raise invoices, send invoices and receipts, record your payments, show client statements and much more! The plugin is available ... read more

Posted in Web Development on 30th January 2018

Remove “Powered by WordPress”

We built a tiny plugin to remove the footer credit from WordPress default themes which you can download for free here. If you use it and like it, we’d be very grateful for any spare change you might have 🙂 Thank you for using Remove “Powered by WordPress” plugin Can you spare some change for ... read more

Posted in Web Development on 17th November 2017


Block wp-login

We have developed a WordPress plugin to combat the increased problem of brute force attacks on the wp-login.php file on WordPress websites. This plugin is freely available to download from wordpress.org Here is some information about the scripts that are able to be blocked using this plugin. /wp-login.php This is the login page for Wordpres; hundreds ... read more

Posted in Web Development on 7th April 2017

Safely Updating WordPress

We are often asked by clients if they can update WordPress core files, plugins and themes themselves. The answer is yes but, to be careful, it’s important to make sure you have made a backup of the WordPress database and filesystem incase something goes wrong and you need to restore your site. To follow these ... read more

Posted in Wordpress on 23rd April 2015