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Chutney in a Wicker Basket

Jam, Marmalade and Chutney Photography

We visited Sue today from Cranbrook Conserves to take some pictures of her fantastic jams, marmalades and chutneys. These jars of deliciousness have just had their labels re-designed by Rye based designer, Mark Baker. You can find Sue’s products in several local stockists and farmers’ markets and you can also buy them directly from her ... read more

Posted in Product Photography on 17th March 2015


JUEL Website

It has been a great pleasure to work with JUEL Accessories to develop their new web site www.juelaccessories.com Those of you from Rye and Battle will recognise this luxury brand; a boutique shop full to the brim with beautiful things. JUEL required us to develop a web site that reflected their shop’s alluring style whilst ... read more

Posted in Web Development on 22nd March 2012