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Hastings Pirate Day Website

We arrrgh extremely proud to announce that we will be producing this year’s Hastings Pirate Day web site. “Jolly” Roger Crouch and his band of scurvy dogs will be working hard to smash the world record currently held by Penzance (8,734 pirates) and bring it back to Hastings where it belongs! The date for your ... read more

Posted in Pro Bono / Charity, Web Design on 27th February 2012


New Blog Template

Developed a new WordPress blog template for www.room4style.com┬áto allow them to integrate blog articles into their existing content managed web site. We were also asked to ingegrate Twitter “Tweet” and Facebook “Share” buttons on all posts and to make use of WordPress’ built in Featured Images to allow category pages to show relevant images for ... read more

Posted in Web Development on 13th February 2012