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Responsive Holiday Website

“h.o.f.n.a.r. means court jester in Dutch” … so says Daniel Janes, the man behind this holiday company with a difference. Daniel organises actioned packed group holidays for 20-30 somethings; be it snowboarding, surfing, mountain biking, power boating or another thrill seeking activity, you can be sure Daniel has been there, done it! Daniel asked us ... read more

Posted in Web Development, Website Redesign on 11th May 2014


Laura’s New Website

Laura Oakes is widely recognised for her unique style of “digital decoupage”, featuring layers of vintage and hand-drawn imagery with her own photography. We’ve been working with Laura for six months to develop her designs and ideas into a working and functional website. Laura has had an integral role in designing the look and layout her ... read more

Posted in Web Development, Website Redesign on 8th October 2012


World Wild Web

We’ve just given the website for Wild Boar Week a makeover ready for this year’s event. Wild Boar Week is a food event in Rye, East Sussex and this year the website needed re-vamping to be able to include all the new events that are being organised from live music to art exhibitions. The original website ... read more

Posted in Web Design, Web Development, Website Redesign on 23rd September 2012